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Carter Mathew Rutland

Born May 13th 201o


7 pounds 11 oz

20 Inches

Saturday, June 12, 2010

SO GLAD I'm not PREGNANT anymore!

A few days before the Big Arrival!

I am not one of those girls who loved being pregnant. I absolutly hated it. HATED IT! From 4 weeks to 38 weeks, I don't think there was one day I enjoyed it. Between the Stetching pains, the nausea, the gaining weight and to my feet swelling up like tree trunks.
I even had the wonderful oppurtunity to experience REAL labor.

Ok, so here is the story.

The last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy I was super sick. I went in to the hospital 2 times before actual labor.

I had 2 re-do root canals (I had numbness in my face, so I thought it was a Tooth) The numbness didn't go away so my OB on the second hospital visit, which I was admitted instead of just watched like the first visit, had me get an MRI to make sure I didn't have a stroke (which I didnt) but I was admitted due to high blood pressure and a fever. I just felt, Not right. But on both visits I never dialated past a 1.. at the time, when I went in I thought I was in labor. But wasn't, more like false labor.

P.S. Knowing now what REAL labor is, would have been nice to save me 2 trips back then.

So after meeting with my doctor before I was discharged on May 10th (the second visit), I had begged her to induce me early, she told me to come to my appointment on the 12th, she would strip my membrane and if that didn't work they would induce me on 18th (a week early)

So I went to my appointment on the 12th and woke up the morning of the 13th around 5:00am with contractions, so I started timing them, got in the tub, drank a big glass of water, took tylonal and nothing seemed to make them go away. They started to get more and more painful and closer together but, I didn't want to go back to the hospital just to get sent home for a third time though.

My WONDERFUL husband who at this point had no sympathy for me and thought I was crazy kept asking me if it was the real thing, did I want to go back to the hospital, if I did he needed tto know so he could call his work.. BUT, I HAD NO IDEA!! I thought it was the real thing the last TWO Times we went in!It was around 10:15 and with me in HORRIBLE pain, with contractions every 3 minutes we decided to go in. As I'm laying on the kitchen floor shaking from the pain, Matt is taking his sweet time getting the house ready for the dogs, putting dishes away, doing who KNOWS what. So we finally get in the truck and head to the hospital.
We get up to Labor and delivery, this time I couldn't walk so Matt pushed me in a wheel chair.

We get to the check in desk and as I'm trying to talk through a contraction they decided to admitte me and skip past the room where they watched me for an hour the two times I was in before! YES!! A good sign I thought. They take me to my room.. which is the SAME room I was in when I was admitted the second time. So I get undressed, monitors on and crawl into the bed.When they nurse finally checks me I'm dialated to a 3, she says she is going to go call my doctor to see if she wants to admitte me. So what seems like an eternity, as I'm holding onto the side of the bed, shaking in pain trying to breath through the contractions.. thinking I want to die! The nurse comes back in and tells me my doctor says everything is a go! So... I ask for an epideral ASAP, get all that taken care of and things are FANTASTIC after that. My doctor shows up when I'm dialated to about a 4 and a half breaks my water.

So to speed up the story, as I dialate more and more, (When I got to about a 7) The pressure seems to get worse and worse as does the cramping and pain. Every couple minutes the nurse comes in to roll my over to the opposite side to try and get the medication to get to the other side of my body and to where I was starting to feel the pain.. it didn't work.

When the nurse came to check me, I told her I felt like I needed to push, she checked me I was at a 10.. it was go time!! The pain was HORRIBLE, From a 10 to when Carter arrived took about an hour, The doctor had to cut me, and use a vaccum to get the little guy out.. I can't tell you how bad it hurt, I think EVERYONE in the hospital heard me screaming! When he finally was out, I had a fever of 101.9, he had a fever and his glucose levels were really low (They need to be above a 50, his was 23) so they took him to the nursery, put a tube directly into his stomach and gave him formula, gave him an IV for antibiotics and hooked him up to monitors.. it was pretty scary for a few days. They would test his blood sugar every 4 hours and it would go from above 50 to below 50. We couldn't bring him home until he was completly off the IV.

As for me, come to find out when the nurse took out my epideral.. it was only in about an inch.. so it had slipped. SO.. THAT is how I got to experience NATURAL Child birth. It was the worse pain I have EVER felt in my life. They gave me antibiotics for my fever and watched my blood pressure.

In the end everyone and everything turned out great, we came home that Saturday and it has been an adventure ever since! Who ever thought you could love something so much, so fast!

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